my favorite (next) iPhone rumors

The next iPhone is coming and the internet is full of rumors about its features.

Here’s a list of my favorite rumors and some of my comments about them.

1. 8 megapixel camera

I love my dSLR but for quick shots, my iPhone’s camera is very handy. A better camera will definitely be a great addition.

2. lighter than the iPhone 4

3. availability of a laptop dock

This is my favorite rumor and I really hope this pushes through.

I have played the Atrix’s laptop dock and its honestly rubbish! I think Apple is the only company who can execute this concept well and if priced correctly, this will be a bigger blow to laptop manufacturers.

I would also want to see HDMI Mirroring (just like in the iPad 2) and compatibility with the iPad’s Camera Connection Kit.

The new iPhone is definitely coming before the holidays. Lets see how many of these rumors tends to be true.

By the way, here’s the funniest rumor I have seen online.


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