WD Passport Essential SE

I have just tested the 1TB WD Passport Essential SE.

It may look like a regular hard disk but the USB 3.0 seems like a big reason why people are purchasing it.

Yes, if you look at the tip of this hard disk’s cable, you’ll notice that it’s blue!

Although the USB 3.0 may seem futuristic or new, it doesn’t do anything if connected to USB 2.0, in fact I did not see any improvements when I plugged it to my ThinkPad.

Another thing you may want to consider before buying this hard disk is that it uses a different cable.

I am not sure if all USB 3.0 devices will be using the same cable but for now, this cable looks like “another cable” I have to carry separately when travelling (in addition to my Apple Cable, regular USB Cable, laptop cables, camera cables… etc, I know you get my point).

This hard disk may look good but it does not age gracefully.

It honestly looks like coloured plastic therefore you’ll see a black line when scratched.

The unit I played with already have black spots on the edges due to regular use.

I also do not understand why WD decided to put a very small blinking light on the side, its almost unnoticeable!

Honestly, I cannot recommend this hard disk NOW due to the following reasons…

Being a Mac user at home and we all know that 2011 Macs do not have USB 3.0 (they use Thunderbolt).

There’s also no improvement in performance when used with my ThinkPad since it does not have USB 3.0 Ports…

Maybe in 2-3 years time, when more devices are released with USB 3.0 then I can recommend this hard disk but as of this time, the 3.0 compatibility of this device looks and feels like marketing!

Useless as of today and by the time you use a computer with a USB 3.0 port, you have also bought a new and bigger hard disk.


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