Bialetti Mukka Express

One of my new toys for 2012…

The Bialetti Mukka Express!

My first stove top coffee maker was also from Bialetti, 2 years ago me and my wife bought a Moka Express with its frother called “Tuttocrema”.

The Moka Express easily and conveniently made Espresso… Simple and quick, just what I needed in the morning.

It was clearly a no brainer that I had to get a Mukka Express because the Moka Express worked so well.

First challenge I had was that Bialetti products are (as of this time) no longer sold in Singapore! I sent an e-mail to their office and Italy and they told me that presently, they do not have a distributor in Malaysia and Singapore.

Luckily I was scheduled for a vacation in Manila and the Bialetti’s Philippine Distributor was very easy to contact.

I finally found an actual unit in Rustan’s Makati. First thing you’ll notice is that this thing is way bigger than my Moka Express!

When I reached home, I read the instructions, washed it and filled it up with water for its initial use… Sadly, it leaked!

I filled it up with water again, closed it tighter this time and sadly, it leaked again…

I’ve noticed that the lower part (solid black part) pressurizes the water in order for the milk to froth. Any dirt (in my case black paint) on the threaded part must be removed!

So I scrubbed it with my Scotch Brite until it was shiny silver!

In my specific unit, you also need to “close it properly” in order a avoid leaks.

The photo above does not work properly as it will definitely leak again!

Photo above is the correct way!

In case you didn’t notice any difference, the handle is on the left side while the “silver button” is facing you.

Make sure it’s tight and finally it will start creating Cappuccino!

Don’t get me wrong, my Mukka Express didn’t give a good first impression, but the coffee it makes every morning makes this device really worth it.

It’s not for everyone since it took a lot of trial and error before I made my first cup of coffee but once it was working, it was all worth it!


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4 responses to “Bialetti Mukka Express”

  1. Robin Jean Marie says :

    I bought the Mukka Express a while ago and returned it, because I was having the same problem with leaking. Maybe I’ll try it again, paying attention the way you illustrated. In the meantime, I make espresso with my Bialetti Moka Express, and I froth milk that’s been steamed on the stove, and that makes a suitable cuppa cappuccino for me!

    • ice15 says :

      What I did was more of like trial and error.

      I tried it with water first, and if it leaked, I tried again…

      What I have noticed is that the metal part should be clean and that everything must be closed tight.

      Its not for everyone but its really rewarding once you get it right.

  2. Sandy says :

    I bought one from Italy a few years ago but never tried it yet. The base seems too small for the stove ie the fire covers a wider circumference than its base. Is that a problem? Can we use it with a hotplate?

    • ice15 says :

      this is the same problem I have especially with the Moka Express.

      Yes a hotplate can be used… I actually use an old small pan because once it steams the milk, there are times when the foam overflows.

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