I have heard about Samsung’s ChatON since late 2011 but this is actually the first time I tried it.

First question in my mind is if we still have enough room for another Instant Messager.

I myself use iMessage most of the time but I also have BBM, YM, Whatsapp, GTalk and Facebook (although I did not install Facebook Messenger, I have the Facebook App on my phone).

We all know iMessage is great, but it only works across Apple Devices, BBM only works with Blackberry Phones and it requires users to use a PIN which is almost like a username which is required to use YM, GTalk and Facebook.

Whatsapp is one of the better IM’s I have used since your phone number is your username, it is very similar to ChatON thats why I believe it will be very good to compare the two.

For now, ChatON works on Bada, iOS and Android.

Whatsapp supports iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, S40 and Windows Phone.

Obviously, Whatsapp wins on this part but we must also consider that it has been around longer than ChatON.

Whatsapp also shows “delivery confirmation” and “read confirmation” similar to BBM and iMessage. In my opinion, this feature is very important since it reduces the anxiety we feel once we send out our messages specially if the message is important.

Now here are the only issues I have against Whatsapp!

It’s NOT A FREE APP. Although it only costs USD 99 cents (USD $ .99) we must consider that IM heavy users are kids/teens which do not have credit cards.

You CANNOT EASILY DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT! I installed Whatsapp on my Blackberry Bold and iPhone… after a couple of weeks, I decided to primarily use my Blackberry (due to battery life concerns). Since I cannot find the delete account option, I decided to send an e-mail to Whatsapp from there I have learned that the “delete account” feature is not available! I had to send a request to them by e-mail so that they can delete my account.

The problem with this is that if I do not delete my account, my friends can still see me online even if I not longer have the app installed on my phone.

For ChatON’s positives, first of all its FREE and support for the Blackberry and Windows Phone are coming…

You can also use ChatON’s web interface if you want to use a PC (or Mac).

Lastly, ChatON has a delete account option available!

In order for ChatON to succeed, I believe they must do the following soon.

1. Include “delivered” and “read” receipts.
2. Create Apps for S40, Symbian, WebOS, Meego and QNX

I honestly think we still have enough room for another Instant Messenger especially if it works!

ChatON may be a success in the future but presently, it’s too early to tell if it can catch up with the leaders.


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