Soundtech Mini Digital Timer (MDT-268)

This is a very useful gadget for me…

I upgraded my setup-box so that I do not have to sleep late watching my favourite TV shows.

But I always felt weird as I sleep with my Setup Box, Router and Modem on.

Thanks to this timer, they now turn on 15 minutes before I wake up and turn off around 15 minutes after my recording schedules end.

I purchased my unit in Giant Vivo City, be sure to KEEP YOUR RECEIPT, as the unit I bought did not work.

I had to bring the unit to their service centre for a replacement.


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7 responses to “Soundtech Mini Digital Timer (MDT-268)”

  1. Terry says :

    Am lost on how to program this. Do you have sample prog steps? Eg on 3 min, off 10 min, on 3 min ,off 10 min, on 5 min then off?

    • ice15 says :

      its not like an analog timer where you can set it to turn-off after 30mins.

      with this, you need to set it to turn-on from 10am and turn-off at 10:30am

  2. Muhamad says :

    I have the same timer but lost the manual.. Do u think u can email me a poc of the manual? Its really appreciated if u do.. Email or sms me 97902877

    • ice15 says :

      I suggest that you contact their Singapore Service Center.

      Hean Lee Radio Service Pte Ltd
      101 Kitchener Road
      #01-07/08/09 Jalan Besar Plaza
      Singapore 208511

      Service and Support
      Tel: (65) 6296 3038
      Fax: (65) 6296 9509

  3. Tan Koon Min says :

    your MDT 268 manual suck, it does not really teach u the steps to program the timer…any better manual

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