Koss Headphone Foam Pads

It’s that time again when I have to replace my Motorola HT820 pads.

I really hate it on how manufacturers keep on building headphones of different size and shapes (some are even square) but they never sell replacement parts for it.

This time I was not very lucky since it was a bit harder to find pads/foam for my headphones…

After walking in and out of shops here in Singapore, I found foam pads from KOSS.

They were a bit pricey compared to the Soundtech Pads I bought a couple of years back, but I’m just glad to find them in order for me to keep using my Motorola Headsets.

*just an update*

I just visited Soundtech (Hanlee) Service Center and I found out that they still sell their Foam Pads there.


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2 responses to “Koss Headphone Foam Pads”

  1. B Brockman says :

    I have the HT820 also and absolutely love them. Now it’s time to replace the ear pads. Could I bother you for the model number of the Koss replacement pads?

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