Shot Note (for iOS)

This is one of the most interesting Apps I have seen and tried.

Its for all those iPhone/iPad users who cannot let go of their pen and paper.

I myself use pen and paper for my meetings since my colleagues (and bosses) are not yet comfortable in seeing someone taking notes using an iPhone (or a BlackBerry).

After every meeting, I re-write important items on my PC using OneNote.

With Shot Note, I do not have to re-write my notes after every meeting, all I have to do is take a photo of the notes I have written using my iPhone.

Here’s sample so that you can see how it works, just install the App and take a photo of this note.

Click here for a larger photo

Once your Note is saved, you can send it by email or to Evernote.

I honestly started using Evernote because of Shot Note!

Here are a couple of comments I have which are against Shot Note.

1. It uses a special paper that are not easily available in stationary shops here in Singapore.

2. Notes are not uploaded in the cloud, you’ll really need Evernote to access your notes across devices.

3. Import “scanned notes” option is not available, if you have more than 10 pages of notes, it will be difficult to take photos of them individually. It would be better if you can just scan you documents and import .jpg files.

4. I haven’t installed/tried the iPad version of this App but I cannot imagine taking a photo of my Notes using the iPad’s camera.

5. Android version in English is not yet available.

Here’s how the sample note above will look like while a photo is being taken.

Here’s how it will look like in Shot Note

Note Number and Date will also be added automatically (as long as you write it in the paper).

For multiple notes (as mentioned in item #3 above) I have just decided not to use Shot Note and directly upload my Notes in Evernote, here’s how it will look like if the Notes are scanned in jpg format.

I really love Shot Note, I find it very convenient to use for organizing quick and short notes, its like a Post-it that you don’t have to stick on your phone. If you intend to write long notes and have an access to a good scanner, then Evernote can definitely do the job alone.

Shot Note cannot replace my notebook, but my Post-it’s days are numbered.

Fo more information about Shot Note, click here to visit their website.


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