AC Ryan Tab 7 (First Tablet from AC Ryan)

It must be hard to be a Tablet manufacturer these days…

Windows RT is not yet available and the only option you’ll have is to run your device on Android which also runs the majority of devices sold today.

Stores (here in Singapore) will normally have a special section for Apple, then another section for the other tablets.

Easiest way to get noticed is to either lower your price or release a variety of colors. Since color choices for tablets will mean that there’s a black and a white… Price becomes the main determining factor to attract attention of buyers.

I was walking around Challenger at Vivo City when this new tablet from AC Ryan caught my attention.

Was honestly looking for the Xoom 2 which was on sale for SGD 449.99 only.

I held this device since I thought it was the Toshiba Thrive which was also on sale at SGD 399.99 (3G Version).

As it did not have the Thrive’s rubbery feel, I knew I was holding a different device.

Feel of the device was great, it made me check again if the price in front was for the right tablet.

At SGD 219.00, this device was cheaper than the Nexus 7 which presently is still not available here in Singapore.

Non-Apple devices in Challenger share 1 table, if you do not have a specific brand in mind, they all look the same except for the price.

AC Ryan Tab 7 is light, made of plastic with a textured back which gave it a great feel.

There’s no rear facing camera (like the Nexus 7) but you have to look at the right side of the tablet before considering other lesser known brands.

It has a Memory Expansion, USB, HDMI and a Micro USB.

Google Play and GMAIL apps were also available and according to AC Ryan’s website, the new firmware has Google Maps and Face Recognition to unlock.

The Tab 7 ran smoothly, UI reminded me of Honeycomb or maybe I’m just not used to seeing a tablet running stock Ice Cream Sandwich.

Sadly, I was not able to test it on games (as it did not have anything istalled), books (since most of my personal books are in PDF), Skype (also not installed) and Web Browsing.

This device also does not have Bluetooth so we have to wait and see if a firmware upgrade will be available in the future for a BT and 3G Dongle.

I cannot recommend it yet for people looking for a 7 inch tablet as I had very limited time with it… (maybe someone from AC Ryan can read this and send me a demo unit).

But it really gave me a very good first impression… Now for the biggest question I have…

Is it getting Jelly Bean? And will it receive future updates for the next 2 years (or longer).

To AC Ryan, the device needs to come with a leather case and a matte screen protector…

Here’s additional information I found regarding this device:
Processor: AllWinner A10 (1Ghz Cortex-A8)

Memory: 1GB DDR3 RAM

Storage: 8GB

Front Facing Camera: .2 Megapixels

Screen Resolution: 1024×600


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11 responses to “AC Ryan Tab 7 (First Tablet from AC Ryan)”

  1. ice15 says :

    After additional research… (please correct me if I’m wrong) This Tablet does NOT have GPS… Big deal for me since I’m a heavy user of Google Maps and the biggest reason why I plan to replace my iPad is that iOS 6 will not use Google Maps.

  2. ice15 says :

    Saw a leather case this afternoon at Challenger priced at SGD 19.00

  3. visualskyman says :

    saw it at challenger, good price, but i have tested a number of ‘CRAP-BLETS’ this does not seem to be a ‘Crablet’ seems fast, but i think, waiting for NEXUS7 is a worth wait, rest asured it will be upgradable to next android update, and lots of developers and app support.

    • ice15 says :

      I agree, the AC Ryan Tablet looks (and feels) great.

      But I’m very disappointed that up to this time, there are still no upgrades to Jelly Bean available.

  4. shah says :

    Can i know, where does this tab made from..? Is it made in China?

  5. renzorn says :

    Software/firmware dead or boot up stuck?

    -Heres reformat link for a.c ryan tab 7.

    u have to use win 7 or 8 OS. Win 10 will not work.

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