Belkin Cabinet Mount (for Tablets)

Purchased a Cabinet Mount for our iPad as my wife loves to bake.

As usual, space seems to be never enough and the Belkin Cabinet Mount seemed more practical compared to purchasing an iPad stand.

First thing you’ll notice is that this thing is a bit pricey…

Sgd 62.10 (member’s price at Challenger SG)

Challenger does not have a demo unit and their staff in Funan did not want to open the box (for testing and viewing) so we had to buy one from another store…

Once the box is opened, and the stand is assembled, it almost impossible to dismantle!

Operation is simple, open your kitchen cabinet, once stand is in place, twist the knob at the bottom to adjust the tilt.

If you’re using it for the first time, keep turning it clock wise (if the knob is facing you).

This stand is made for tablets (not the iPad alone) which is a good thing.

Its clamps are wide and but sturdy enough to hold your tablet. I wouldn’t recommend that you use this when your cabinet is moving… lets just say in a boat or in a RV since your tablet may fall.

Last issue is that it can only hold the iPad in Landscape mode, the clamps isn’t wide enough to hold the tablet in portrait mode.

The Belkin Cabinet Mount is definitely perfect for those who love to cook and have limited counters in their kitchen. As its not made exclusively for the iPad, you can easily upgrade your tablet anytime and not worry about this mount.


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