Monster (Singapore) Service Sucks!

I know all of you know Monster as a brand. They manufacture Nokia’s Purity Headphones and they used to manufacture Beats.

I bought a pair of earphones for my daughter last April. The Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style In-Ear to be exact.

Sadly, after a couple of months, it had issues with its jack, every time you move/touch it, the music stops!

There is where my problem began…

Monster’s distributor here in Singapore cannot immediately replace the unit as they do not have stocks available! This is despite the fact that the Harajuku earphones are easily available in stores everywhere!

They informed me that they cannot pull out a pair from stores as it is not included in their agreement with them.

I contacted Monster US for their comment/assistance on this issue and the only solution they can give me is for me to mail the earphones to their office in US (using FedEx or DHL) using my account and upon receipt, they will mail a new pair to me (under their accont).

Mailing the unit to the US is a quick and easy solution but it will also cost me around SGD 50.00 which is almost half of the Harajuku Earphone’s cost. They also require me to send the receipt to them so if I again have issues with their earphones, I cannot bring it to the local distributor for a replacement.

I guess sound quality is no longer the only thing we should look at when buying a pair of headphones.

Monster Singapore distributor is only open Monday to Friday and they do not allow you to mail the defective item to them as they will need you to sign their documents. Really annoying since it will require you to use atleast half a day leave if you have issues with their items!

There are a lot of headphones available in the market. Monster may be one of the more popular brands but the hassle involved just incase something goes wrong is just too much.

To future buyers of Monster Products… Think twice!


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4 responses to “Monster (Singapore) Service Sucks!”

  1. Zac says :

    Hi, may I know where is the Monster office? I want to claim my warranty

  2. isukamobile says :

    I had a problem too….The best part, I called up,,,no repairs will be entertained at Genting Lane apart from replacement only! Sucks to the Core!

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