AC Ryan Tab 9.7

I have to admit… I’m a big fan of the AC Ryan Tab 7!

The Tab 7 almost had everything I needed from a 7inch Tablet… Only missing features were Bluetooth and GPS.

I was hoping for future updates (to Jelly Bean) and accessories (like a GPS Dongle or a Keyboard Dock) but the next Tablet related news I saw from AC Ryan was the Tab 9.7!


click here for a larger photo


1024×768 IPS (Capacitive) Screen
Android 4.0.4
1.5GHz ARM Cortex A9 (dual core) processor
Front Camera 0.3MP
Rear Camera 2.0MP

Front Facing Camera located at the upper right side (landscape mode) of the tablet

The following can be found on the right side of the tablet:

click here for a larger photo

Stereo Speakers
3.5mm audio jack
Micro USB
Micro SD Card
DC in
Power Button

At the back is a rear facing camera and a reset button.

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On top is a physical return button and physical volume controls.

Physical return button may sound strange for those familiar with Ice Cream Sandwich tablets, its also confusing for first time users of the Tab 9.7 since its easily mistaken for the power button. Physical volume controls were also emphasized since the Tab 9.7 has capacitive volume controls!

click here for a larger photo

Holding the AC Ryan Tab 9.7 feels cheap and plasticky and its hard to differentiate it from other Chinese tablets.

Performance was ok, but I guess most unbranded ICS running Android Tablet provides the same experience.

Its really hard to sell the AC Ryan Tab 9.7, its priced SGD 339.00 and right beside it (in Challenger, Vivo City) is the Acer Iconia Tab A200 which is only SGD 30.00 more expensive.

click here for a larger photo

click here for a larger photo

At SGD 229.00, the Tab 7 is great! Maybe another model with a bigger internal memory, better processor, GPS, Bluetooth and 3G is a better step than introducing a bigger tablet.


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3 responses to “AC Ryan Tab 9.7”

  1. Ben says :

    There is no test data to verify your comments. A video comparison of it working next to a comparable Android Tablet would even be useful. As far as I can tell by the specs, it is a mirror image of several comparable tablets on the market. It shouldn’t be difficult to find something to compare it to… IE Kindle Fire HD 8.7

    • chow chow bean says :

      I do agree. There is a lack of information for AC Ryan Tablet 9.7 esp when doing comparison with other tablet.

  2. ice15 says :

    I’ve had very limited time with the AC Ryan 9.7 as I honestly cannot recommend anyone to buy it over the Acer A200.

    As I mentioned, the A200 is only SGD 30.00 more expensive but it has a better build and it uses a Tegra 2 processor.

    I love the AC Ryan 7… I might consider it as a second tablet. But the AC Ryan 9.7 looks like an overpriced unbranded Chinese made tablet.

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