Txtr Beagle (e-reader)

I normally don’t get excited with e-readers.

I like reading, but I don’t remember the last time I finished an entire book.

Maybe I just got too busy, or maybe I just got lazy of looking for a good bookstore since my favorites (Page One – Vivo City and Borders Orchard Rd) already closed down.

I tried reading on my iPad, but it’s almost impossible to hold it for long periods of time due to its weight.

I almost bought the fourth generation Kindle but lost interest when I realized that I had to pay too much just for international shipping.

Now here is the reason why I started writing about e-readers…

The Txtr Beagle!

There are reports saying that Txtr intends to sell this for less than €10 or about $13.

This is great news for us casual readers who are never sure if we can find time to finish an entire book.

I just hope that the Txtr Beagle makes its way to Asia where its sure to sell!

Just this morning I was thinking… Wouldn’t it be great if Google partners with Txtr and sells the Beagle from the Google Play store?

It will be a perfect companion to our BIG Android devices since its also required to be paired to the Beagle in order to transfer content.

Here’s the specs of the Beagle:

Display: 5″ E Ink display (8-levels gray scale and 800 x 600 pixels resolution)
Weight: 128 grams (with batteries); 111 grams (without batteries)
Dimensions: 140 x 105 x 4.8 mm (14mm at the battery side); Volume: 100 cm3

System Requirements: To get more books from user’s library requires (1) pairing via Bluetooth of smartphone (2) txtr Android app with beagle support

Memory: 4 GB
Number of books cached: Up to 5
Media Formats: Handles all formats supported by smartphone(e.g. epub, pdf).


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