How to install Samsung Kies on Mountain Lion

I am one of those guys who decided to replace their iPhone 4 with a Samsung Android phone… The Galaxy Note II.

As I can no longer sync my new phone with iTunes, I needed to install Samsung’s Kies on my iMac which is running on Mountain Lion (Mac OS 10.8).

You can download Kies here and upon completion, you’ll notice that installation is not simple…

Mountain Lion introduced Gatekeeper which tries to keep your Mac safe and somehow Kies is not included in its list of safe apps.

You’ll find ways to go around Gatekeeper which can be found here but based on my testing, Kies CANNOT DETECT my Note II… Its stuck on “connecting” state!

In order to have Kies installed, you need to change your Gatekeeper settings.

Under “Allow applications downloaded from:”

Select Anywhere.

Install Kies… After installation, your Mac will restart…

Then Kies wil update… Then restart again…

After installation and update, connect your phone using USB and you’ll notice that its finally connected!

My Galaxy Note II is now syncing with my Mac… Its not perfect… But I still find it way better compared to using Kies Air.

Thanks to Philmug’s Kritiker for helping me on this one.


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One response to “How to install Samsung Kies on Mountain Lion”

  1. Frans says :

    does not work as described….

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