IMO: Google Should Create its own Desktop Suite for ALL Android Phones

IMO: Google Should Create its Desktop Suite for ALL Android Phones

Anyone who uses an Android Device will say that compared to an iPhone, Android does not require you to have iTunes or any PC Suite.

But, there will always be people like me who want to sync and manage their music, video, photos and apps on a PC or Mac…

Syncing is not an everyday thing, but when its time to do it, a bad software will just make the chore harder.

I’m not saying that iTunes is great… But if you own an iPod or an iOS device, its decent!

Here are the usual stuff I do in iTunes…

1. Update Apps
2. Update Genius
3. Update Podcasts

There are times when my iMac is just on… Maybe its streaming videos or maybe I’m talking to relatives using Skype… During these times, my iTunes is working in the background updating my Apps, Podcasts and Genius.

Once I plug in an iOS device for back-up and syncing, all content is also updated.

4. Phone Back-up and Update

I find it more convenient to back-up and update my devices on my iMac… I believe its faster and more stable.

Now for the sad part if you’re an Android user…

Each Android OEM uses their own PC Suite…

Samsung uses Kies

HTC has Sync

Sony’s Xperia uses Sony Ericsson PC suite

LG uses PC Suite

Really annoying since using an Android device from another manufacturer will require you to install a New PC Suite and import all your libraries.

From a former iPhone user, it’s also annoying that iPhoto doesn’t work well Android PC Suites…


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