Qoo10 Finds! (Lightning Cable, Screen Protectors, Nano Sim Cutter, iPhone 5 Bumper, OTG Calble and a CF Card!)

Here’s my latest finds from Qoo10!

iPhone 4 and 5 Screen Protectors

Specifically screen protectors with diamond dust effect, it will be used by my daughter and wife so they wanted something a bit fancy…

Diamond Dust Screen Protector

(iPhone 4) SGD 1.89
(iPhone 5) SGD 3.70

You always get 2 protectors per order, so if you fail to install on the first try, you have another screen protector as a back up.

IMO… Screen protectors are easy to install, especially on the iPhone as it has a small screen. The cheapest I found (in Malls) is around SGD 12.00 for clear and matte, others types like the privacy screen starts from SGD 14.00 and above. At less than SGD 4.00, these screen protectors are a great buy!

iPhone 5 Lightning Cable

cheap lightning cable


iphone 5 lightning cable

SGD 6.00

We all know that an iPhone 5 uses Apple’s new lightning cable. Not only is it expensive, it was also very hard to find!

The cables sold at Qoo10 look similar to the original but after using it for the iPhone 5, you’ll know its not the real thing.

It will need a couple of seconds before it starts charging, some who borrowed the cable initially thought that the cable was not working…

My colleague who also uses the same (3rd party) cable told me that if your iPhone 5 is fully discharged, the cable cannot charge it.

This cable is 7 times cheaper than Apple’s Lightning Cable, there are tradeoffs but it works well as a second cable…

IMO… I cannot recommend this cable… The tradeoff mentioned above is not an issue for me but its an issue for my wife and my colleagues. Better get the real thing if you cannot manage your phone’s battery.

Nano SIM Cutter

Nano SIM from my carrier will cost SGD 26.00

nano sim cutter

SGD 8.49

The iPhone 5 uses a smaller SIM… again…

And my carrier is asking me to pay SGD 26.00 for a new SIM card… Purchasing this cutter is almost 3 times cheaper…

It cuts regular SIM cards.

If your using a Micro SIM (from iPhone 4/4s), it comes with an Adapter so that you can cut you Micro SIM to Nano SIM.

iPhone 5 Bumper

iphone 5 case


iphone 5 bumper

SGD 3.50

An iPhone 5 bumper for less than SGD 5.00! Do I need to write a reason on why I bought it?

Micro USB OTG cable

OTG Cable

SGD 2.80

Bought this cable for my Note II… One of the reasons I switched to Android…

Memorette CF Card

Cheap CF Card

SGD 21.90 (shipping SGD 5.00)

This memory card is the cheapest CF Card I found here in Singapore, SGD 26.90 for a 16GB card…


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