IMO: Hardware and App Requirements for Firefox and Ubuntu Phones

We have been seeing news about Firefox and Ubuntu running phones due for release this 2013 and 2014.

Gadget sites have mentioned numerous times that these Mobile Operating Systems will be for entry level phones for developing countries.

In my opinion, if both Mobile OSes gets the right cooperative partners, they can definitely challenge Blackberry and Windows Phone for third place.

Here are some things I believe Firefox and Ubuntu needs to succeed.


Wi-Fi, 3G, BT and FM Radio… (FM Radio was never a requirement, but having one is a big plus.)

Excellent battery life… Traffic in developing countries is really bad and phones must have enough power to last for more than a day since users do not want to get stuck with a dying phone.

Physical Keyboard… Users in developing countries use SMS/IM‘s as a primary means of communication. I’m not talking about releasing Blackberry Bold clones, because people also want a big screen for their videos and photos. Sliders like the Pre and Photon Q will be perfect.

Uniform headphones! Just like Apple with its iconic earbuds and Beats with its “red wired” head phones. Firefox and Ubuntu needs a pair of headphones that will inform people that you’re using their phones while listening to music.

User replaceable cases. Just think of our Nokia 3310 days…

Decent rear facing camera (with flash) and useable front facing camera.


Let’s face it, Firefox and Ubuntu will only sell if Apps are available…

In addition to an email client, browser, video and music players, both Mobile OSes needs the following:

IM’s… Skype, Viber (with calls) and Whatsapp! Why is this important… ready my comment on the Physical Keyboard.
Social… Facebook and Twitter
CardDAV and CalDAV support.

A bunch of time wasting games…

And NONE of those crap apps pre-installed by carriers.

Like most people from developing countries, I carry more than 1 phone… My 3rd phone is an inexpensive feature phone that can be replaced anytime. I may consider to shell out additional cash for a device running on Firefox or Ubuntu if its not another iPhone clone…

So please… We do not need another slate! Remember the Motorola’s A768i and MPx or may be the HTC Universal! They all look great and different… Word here is DIFFERENT… When someone shouts WOW, believe me, the rest will follow…


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