Pebble Smartwatch

Finally, after a year, I have received my Pebble Smartwatch!

Pebble Watch

Yes, it has been a year wait since I made my pledge (from Kickstarter) around April of 2012…

Paid USD 115.00 + 15.00 for international shipping.

I know you’ve already read a lot of reviews so it doesn’t make sense for me to write a new one…

My post is basically just to show photos of my Pebble beside a ruler.

Just incase you’re thinking of buying a Pebble online, you’ll get an idea on how big the watch actually is.

Pebble Watch Height

Pebble Watch Width

Strap size…

Pebble Watch Strap Size

Here’s a photo of my Pebble watch beside a watch from Lacoste.

Pebble Smartwatch

Pebble Smartwatch Dimensions


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3 responses to “Pebble Smartwatch”

  1. kahyehm says :

    hi can you help me choose gadgets im about to purchase? youd be of great help thank you!

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