Android 4.2 Camera (with Photosphere) on Unrooted Galaxy Note II


With the release of various Google Apps in iOS and Android, I wonder why Google haven’t released their Camera and Gallery App (stock camera used by the Nexus 4).

Anyway, enough of waiting and searching for me as I have just installed stock Android 4.2 camera on my unrooted Samsung Galaxy Note II.

Why would I want to install Android 4.2? One reason… photosphere!

I love taking Photospheres/Panorama 360s!

My biggest problem when I switched to an Android device… Microsoft’s Photosynth is not available, and the TourWrist App‘s camera is still on beta (and, honestly, almost useless).

Although Samsung released the Galaxy S4 with Android 4.2 its camera app did not include photosphere.

Finally, after Googling… I finally found a solution to install Android 4.2 camera without the need to root my phone!

Camera worked perfectly and I only have 1 issue against it… I cannot save my photos on my SD Card… But it’s a small price to pay… I didn’t have to remove my stock Samsung camera anyway.

Here’s how my Stock Galaxy Note II camera looks like.

Galaxy Note 2 Camera

And here’s how Google’s Camera looks like.

Jelly Bean 4.2 Camera

Looks like I’m too late… Android 4.3 Camera is now available.


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