Sphere App (Android)

TourWrist to Sphere

Just received an email this morning saying that Sphere is replacing TourWrist.

Sphere for Android and for iOS

I normally use my TourWrist account to share my 360 Panoramas/Photospheres.

Google+ is a great option, but when my photos are not geo-tagged (taken indoors), I prefer to upload and share them using TourWrist.

So what’s different?

Strangely, I was still able to see the TourWrist app at the Play Store.

Other than the change in name and icon, I lost the option to create 360 Panoramas using the App…

The Camera on the upper right section is no longer there… It never graduated from Beta anyway and it’s almost useless!

Here’s how TourWrist looked like



And here’s Sphere.



Did you notice the missing camera icon on the upper right side?

Here’s a sample photo I have taken using the TourWrist App.

And here’s a sample photo using Android 4.2’s stock camera.

TourWrist is a great and fun way to share your Photospheres.

Here are the only issues I have against it… (Please note that issues are there as of writing this post, I may not update this post for every improvement on the App and Website)

Sharing to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is difficult using the TourWrist website.
Why do I want to use their website to share my Panoramas? The mobile app doesn’t have an upload option and as I mentioned earlier, the create option was also removed.

Once Panoramas are shared, clicking the link will not open the Sphere App even if it’s installed on your device (as tested with a Note II and S4). The Panoramas will be viewed using your browser which is not ideal especially on mobile devices.

Loading of Panoramas are slow… So slow that I can’t imagine opening a Panorama using 3G!

Would also be nice if Sphere/TourWrist allows us to add Tags/Hashtags to descriptions of photos!

For people like me who loves to take and share Panoramas, TourWrist is a good alternative to Google+, it just needs some polishing and maybe… more users!


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