(Searching for Durable Earphones) Alpex Slyp Shoelace Earphones

Just like any parent of this generation…

Our children have a smartphone/tablet that they can’t live without…

They play games with the loudest volumes, watch videos during their free time, listen to music and send unbelievable amounts of SMS/IMs.

A pair of earphones is almost a requirement to maintain peace at home… And especially, during long drives!

Now this is the start of our problems.

Head/Earphones were made to sound and look good… NOT last forever!

Most children will just pull the wires to take their earphones off their ears. They will never use cases and just stuff them in their bags with all their books!

We all ask them to take care of their gadgets but out in the real world, there’s very little we can do.

My daughter for instance had a pair of Monster Harajuku Earphones which needed a trip to the service center every quarter…

I posted an article here regarding their crappy service but I can’t do anything. The earphones costs around SGD 100.00 and I wanted a replacement for the faulty item!

After a year, I asked my daughter to use her stock iPhone 4 earphones instead. Believe it or not… Apple’s earphones lasted longer than the Monster Harajuku but as usual, I had to say goodbye to it since its starting to give up.

While searching for durable and affordable earphones, I stumbled upon Alpex Slyp Shoelace Earphones

Alpex Slyp Shoe Lace Earphones

Priced at SGD 24.90 (paid SGD 23.00, member’s price), it’s not the cheapest on display but its tangle free and since the wire is covered by a “shoe lace”, (I’m hoping that) it should last longer…

Here’s its product description:

Length: 1.2M
Driver unit: 9mm
Frequency band: 20 ~ 20,000 Hz
Impedance: 16Ohms
Plug: 3.5mm stereo

It doesn’t have a Mic and Music Controls and its durability will be another topic for later… But for now, I’ll just let my daughter enjoy her new earphones.


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