The Replacements. Goodbye iPad 2… Hello Note 8!

Yes, its time for an upgrade again.

This time I’m lucky enough not to spend a single cent!

My wife is saying goodbye to her trusty and always dependable Apple iPad 2 and the replacement is Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8!

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

My wife uses her tablet a lot, but the biggest issue for her against the iPad 2 is its weight.

We were actually planning to get the iPad mini as a replacement but her company gave her the option to choose the Note 8 to replace her BlackBerry Bold.

The iPad mini would have been a better option if only it can make calls; sadly it can’t, so we had to choose an Android device.

Why does she need something that can make calls? It’s a company PHONE, meaning she cannot get a data only SIM card, whatever phone she chooses must make calls! (Some company policies needs to be updated)

Why does she need a bigger screen? It makes it easier for her to read and reply to emails and organize her calendar. Watching movies and reading magazines while at the MRT is a welcomed bonus.

I won’t make a review of the Note 8 since I know you can find a lot of it online.

But in using a phone as big as the Note 8, one must consider using a good BT headset.

Here is where my wife’s HM5100 comes in.

Samsung HM5100 BT Headset

Samsung HM5100

The HM5100 is Samsung’s accessory for its Note series.

It replaces the S-Pen and it has the ability to make calls!

Only issue I have against it is that it ONLY works with Samsung’s Note series!

Biggest benefit of using the HM5100 is that it vibrates whenever you receive a call, allowing you to keep your phone in your bag while travelling.

Just a tip, if you want to buy the HM5100, some stores sell it cheaper compared to others… Do your homework before pulling out your wallet!

Here’s a photo of my wife’s iPad 2 just before selling it.

Apple iPad 2


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6 responses to “The Replacements. Goodbye iPad 2… Hello Note 8!”

  1. James Buhion says :

    Please advise where to buy Samsung HM5100 bluetooth pen?

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