HP Slatebook 10×2

Played with HP’s Slatebook 10

HP Slatebook 10x2

It’s an Android 4.2 tablet with a keyboard dock… (yes) just like Asus’ Transformer series.

But, compared to Asus’ Transformer, you cannot buy HP’s Tablet without the keyboard dock.

After having a short time with HP’s display unit at Best Denki.

First impression is how sturdy the device feels. Although it’s made of plastic, it honestly felt like it can last forever.

HP Slatebook 10x2 Back

Keyboard has an HDMI, USB Slot and SD Card reader. It also has a battery which extends the life of the tablet once connected.

HP Slatebook 10x2 USB

HP Slatebook 10x2 HDMI

Priced a SGD 699.00, I believe its a risky price point since you will have to turn your back on other devices like a Chromebook, Windows 8 laptops and an iPad with BT Keyboard. Then there are more inexpensive Tablets available which also runs on Android.

HP Slatebook 10x2 Singapore Price

HP’s Slatebook feels solid and great, but its also heavy, especially with the keyboard attached.

HP has been releasing a couple of Android and Chrome devices lately and it would be nice to see hardware improvements later on.

I cannot recommend the Slatebook to anyone yet, but I honestly can’t wait for its second generation.

Would also be nice to see if future HP devices are compatible with the Slatebook’s keyboard dock.


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