BBM for Android and iOS… Now What?

Just installed BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) on my Note 2

After the long wait, it’s nice to see BlackBerry fulfill its promise of bringing BBM to a larger audience…

Now what…

After installing BBM, I noticed that I have 3-4 contacts left who still use the service.

Most of my contacts now use WhatsApp and Viber which are also cross platform and both does not require you to ask for another user’s PIN.

Problem I can see here is the PIN.

BBM was from a time when users of IMs needed a PIN (Personal Identification).

For Skype, you need to know the other person’s Skype ID. Yahoo/Gmail Address for Yahoo Messenger and Hangouts (formerly known as GTalk).

We don’t normally provide our personal email addresses and Skype IDs to strangers… We either use our company mobile phone number or company email addresses.

This is where WhatsApp and Viber have an edge. You only need to save your contact’s mobile phone number and you’ll immediately know if the person uses the service. It’s convenient and safe.

Some might argue that Apple’s iMessage is better and simpler compared to WhatsApp and Viber… My only issue with iMessage is that if the other person presently doesn’t have data coverage, an SMS is automatically sent which may cause additional costs if the other person is overseas… Another issue is that a user must use an Apple product to use iMessage.

Maybe it would have been better if BlackBerry released BBM earlier when all our PINs were still active…Maybe it would have been even better if they no longer required PINs for their users…

As of now, it’s too early to tell if BBM will be back to its good old days…


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