Qoo10 Finds! (Spigen Tough Armor)

Bought a case for my daughter’s iPhone 5C

Since my daughter commutes a lot, her phone is prone to accidental drops and bumps.

Decided to get a Spigen Tough Armor case for her since it looks like it will offer the needed protection for my daughter’s phone.

Paid SGD 9.99 for the case plus SGD 1.00 for shipping.

If you visit shops, Spigen’s Tough Armor case will cost more than SGD 40.00 which means I paid less than 25% of this thing’s actual value… This made me rethink my purchase and just hope that the actual product doesn’t look too bad.

Surprisingly, the case arrived in less than a week! Very fast compared to the other items I purchased from Qoo10 earlier.

Crystal packaging was cracked (seller’s bubble wrap did not help) but it did not affect the Tough Armor case inside.

Now for the actual product…

Chose the Crimson Red and you will immediately see that the color was a bit off… It was too dark, it wasn’t as glossy and it was no way near the hue of the real thing.

Upon opening the package, the sides of the case were a bit sharp and the rubber part had an unrefined feel which is a constant reminder that you did not buy the real thing.

I guess the only positive feedback I can give about this item is that the 5C perfectly fits, all buttons work and I’m sure it will give the same protection offered by the real Spigen Tough Armor case.

I cannot recommend it to anyone looking for a good looking case for their iPhones. But if you only need protection, then I guess this case is for you.

Click here if you’re interested in purchasing…



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