Purchasing AppleCare+ for iPhone in Singapore

As I posted earlier, my daughter uses an iPhone 5C and just like any other parent, I would love the have a hassle free 2 years with my daughter’s phone.

This is the reason why I decided to spend SGD 138.00 for AppleCare+

My daughter’s old iPhone 4 had an annoying final 6 months. Her sleep/wake button started acting up and she had to live with using assistive touch until her contract was due for renewal.

AppleCare+ was also one the reasons why we decided to purchase the 5C over Android devices. Samsung, HTC and Sony did not offer extended warranty for their devices.

AppleCare+ is readily available in almost all Apple resellers here in Singapore, but they do not sell AppleCare+ alone, it must be bundled if you buy an out-of-contract iPhone from them.

Since our phone was from our carrier (M1), we had to purchase AppleCare+ from Apple Singapore’s website which was a really uncomfortable experience.

Let me explain…

1. Go to Apple Store Singapore.

2. Click “Shop iPhone”

AppleCare for iPhone Singapore 1

3. Click “iPhone Accessories”

AppleCare for iPhone Singapore 2

4. On the right side, click “AppleCare+ for iPhone”

AppleCare for iPhone Singapore 3

5. Click “iPhone”

AppleCare for iPhone Singapore 4

You will then be directed to AppleCare+ for iPhone page but you will not find a “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” button.

AppleCare for iPhone Singapore 5

You’ll need to scroll down (scroll up if you’re using a Mac) then you see “How to get AppleCare+”. You must call 800-186-1087.

AppleCare for iPhone Singapore 6

Do note that you must call above number during office hours!

If I remember correctly, press “1” for English. Then options are as follows: “1” iPod, “2” iPhone, “3” iPads and “4” for everything else.

I initially thought AppleCare+ was under option “4”, I was told that I should have chosen option “2”!

(Have your iPhone’s serial number ready as you will need it while talking to Apple’s customer care.)

Purchase will be done over the phone which I personally (again) found to be very uncomfortable.

Over the phone, you will need to dictate your complete credit card information together with the security code… If you ask me, that’s too much information to share to a stranger over the phone!

I decided to make the purchase with the belief and confidence that Apple knows what’s its doing…

Receipt will be sent to me by email in 2-3 days time…

My daughter’s iPhone is now protected until the end of her contract…

I just hope Apple fixes their website before the release of the next iPhone!


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