Android TV Box, CS918

Just purchased an Android TV Box from Qoo10, the CS918 to be exact which has the following specs (as per seller’s description).

1.6 Ghz Quad Core CPU (Cortex A9)
Quad Core Mali 400 GPU
Android 4.2.2
8GB Internal Memory

Strangely, when accessing the Play Store, its device name is Rockchip B351.

Rockchip B351

About the seller

Bought the item from Qoo10, first comment… it did not arrive on the next day! According to the seller, they ran out of stocks.

A week later, I received it by mail.

Android TV Box, CS918 box

Android TV Box, CS918

About the item

I was surprised on how small and light it was. It was actually too light that you’ll need to position the HDMI cable correctly if you want the device to looks nice and organized in your TV rack.

Android TV Box, CS918 unit

Box came with remote control, HDMI cable, RCA cable, adapter and manual. Remote didn’t come with a batteries so you’ll have to purchase them (AAA) yourself.

First thing you have to know… it uses an IR remote control, it’s a pain to use when entering your Google account and searching for Apps on the Play Store. But once you’re done configuring the device, it’s more that enough (for my personal needs, at least).

After connecting it to a power source and my TV, it did not function properly. I had to unplug it and reboot before it showed something on my TV.

Now the issues (below are specific to the unit I received)

Using an HDMI, my TV kept showing the following message…


“Unsupported signal, Check your device output”

After (multiple) plugging and unplugging of the HMDI cable, the device started working.

Only problem is, there’s a flicking line on top of my screen when the resolution was set to 1080.

Did you notice the top part of my TV?

At 720 the whole screen turns dark after a couple of seconds.

It did not have this issue when using the CS918’s RCA cables, but the resolution was so bad, videos were almost unwatchable.

I informed the seller regarding this issue and he sent me a HDMI adapter to test if my problems were caused by the cable… A week later, my adapter arrived and the device started working properly.

Another issue I have is that I can’t seem to make the screen mirroring feature work. It’s actually not a deal breaker for me, but I would have loved to show it off to my friends.

Why did I wanted one and not an Apple TV or Chromecast?

Because I wanted to watch my movie files from my network drive.

Using an Apple TV or Chromecast will require connection from my phone/tablet which I wanted to avoid.

Installed Apps

As of now, I only installed 3 apps on my CS918. Skype, CheapCast and ES File Explorer.

ES File Explorer allows me to access my files on my network drive.

CheapCast makes my CS918 work like a Chromecast!

Final word

It would have been nice of Google released an Android version for TVs. I chose the CS918 over other Android TVs available since UI looked like stock Android… it could be better, but I guess it will always be limited since you get limited functionality from the remote.

I can’t recommend the CS918 to everyone, but for those who knows their way with Android. It’s the perfect media streamer for your living room.


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6 responses to “Android TV Box, CS918”

  1. Michael says :

    What king HDMI adapter did you use to fix the flicking problem ?

    • ice15 says :

      I used a regular mini-HDMI to HDMI Adapter. Although it worked at that time, the issue started showing up again when I disconnected it to my TV..

      Can’t recommend this (CS918) to others… It’s unreliable and the seller doesn’t provide proper support.

  2. Clayton says :

    Hi I also bought this device but I kind get it to work on HDMI only the RCA output is working.

  3. KS says :

    I just noticed your post,….which reflect the same problem i am facing now, with message “Unsupported signal, Check your device output”. when i turn on and connect with HDMI with my Sony Bravia.

    This was my replacement unit, the 1st unit they seller shipped was also face the same issue. This replacement unit I got ….when I just got then, it was working, unfortunately it is not consistent, I also often get that message when I turn on, but sadly….now it is fully at this state, and no way i get display for my hdmi

    According to your post,…after you got the new cable, the problem solve, Checking….is this problem fully due to the HDMI cable?

    Please revert.

    • ice15 says :

      Well, replacing the HDMI Cable worked.

      But when I used the device on another TV, I encountered the same problem again, this time with both HDMI Cables!

      The inconsistency of the device is really annoying.

      Only suggestion I can provide is that you keep re-inserting the cable the keep restarting the device until it turns on (properly)… And hope the same issue wont happen again…

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