Elecom Foldable Keyboard

Here’s a gadget I purchased for my wife…

Elecom’s Foldable BT Keyboard.

Elecom Foldable BT Keyboard 5

Model No. TK-FBP019EABK, box states that it’s for the iPad 2, iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch.

Elecom Foldable BT Keyboard 1

We’ll be pairing it with the Galaxy Note 8, hopefully this post answers your questions regarding the device.


It’s plastic… Compared to my older iGO BT Keyboard, this one looks and feels cheap.

Turning on the power switch gives you a feeling that you won’t be able to turn this thing off again.

Elecom Foldable BT Keyboard 4

It also comes with a stand which is useful if you want to use it with your phone, but too small and too flimsy for an iPad (even the mini).

Elecom Foldable BT Keyboard 2


Using it for the first time is easy, just turn the keyboard on, once found by your device, enter the code and its ready to use.

Using the keyboard

Just like any foldable BT keyboard, the space bar is cut in half.

Since this model was designed for iOS Devices, its layout is similar to an Apple Keyboard which means it uses “delete” instead of “backspace”.

This means that hitting the “delete” key deletes the next character… not the previous one.

Is it worth it?

Hmmm, yes and no.

If you need to type long documents on your tablet, then this could be the best solution for you.

Cases with BT Keyboards are nice, but I find them too cramped for an 8 inch device. I also find it a hassle that I can’t remove the keyboard when I don’t need it.

You can find cheap foldable keyboards from various online shops but you always wonder about quality and support.

My personal favorite, Microsoft’s Wedge Keyboard, looks nice and feels great (it even has a nice cover) but I find it too heavy and it also doesn’t fold.

So Elecom’s Foldable BT Keyboard is not for everyone, but if you need one, there are limited options in the market.

Elecom Foldable BT Keyboard 6 Elecom Foldable BT Keyboard 7 Elecom Foldable BT Keyboard


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