I just bought a new battery for my Samsung Galaxy Note II and I think it was worth it!

Or maybe not…

Samsung Galaxy Note II Battery

My phone is almost 2 years old and since I’m not your usual phone user, it’s starting to show its age… Actually, its battery is starting to show its age.

It’s almost like a landline… It needs to be charged almost twice a day!

Since I’m waiting for late 2014 phones, I may have to use this phone for 4 more months which (I believe) the battery cannot handle!

I have 2 more vacations booked and I need all the battery life I can get!

Thankfully, my phone is a Samsung… Battery is replaceable.

I was originally searching online for an inexpensive battery.

Price ranged from SGD 7.00 to SGD 40.00.

Samsung stores told me the original battery will cost SGD 58.00 BUT they only sell the Battery Kit which costs SGD 68.00!

In the end, I decided to get the original Samsung Battery Kit. Although it costs more than twice the amount of batteries I found online, at least I’m confident that my phone’s battery will be as good as it was a year and a half ago.

Samsung’s Battery Kit only includes the battery and “battery charging stand”. NO Cable and NO USB Adapter.

Samsung Galaxy Note II  Battery Kit

Samsung Galaxy Note II  Extra Battery Kit


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