Spigen Ultra Hybrid (iPhone 5C)

Spigen Ultra Hybrid for iPhone 5C

I purchased an iPhone 5C case from Amazon… And I’m never purchasing one from another store… Ever!

First… Why Spigen… Because my daughter is 13 and she keeps on dropping her phone!

Let’s face it, you get a dent everytime you drop an iPhone…

We first bought a Spigen case from Qoo10 and it was aweful!

The color was way off, the fit isn’t perfect and the rubber felt cheap. It was also hard to press the power and volume buttons.

Why did I decide to buy from Amazon?

I was searching for a good iPhone case (for the iPhone 6) and was directed to Spigen’s (US) website. After browsing, I found the Ultra Hybrid for the 5C which I felt was the perfect case for my daughter.

You get a clear back to appreciate the phone’s color, and the rubber bumper which was similar to her Tough Armour.

I immidiately visited shops here in Singapore for the Ultra Hybrid case for the 5C, but sadly they told me it wasn’t included in thier catalogue.

I even sent a personal message to Applewerkz Philippines and also received the same reply…

So I decided to check Amazon if the case was available and luckily it was…

After a week, I received the new case and it was awesome!

The fit was great, the rubber bumper felt and looked clean, the buttons were so easy to press…

I highly recommend Spigen Cases and always make sure that you buy from reputable sellers.

Here’s photos of my daughter’s phone and her case.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

iPhone 5C Case

Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 5C Case


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