The Samsung NX300

Just bought a new camera to replace my 5 year old D90.

Samsung NX 300

Due to weight and size issues, I decided to get a mirrorless camera … The NX300 from Samsung.

For a camera… I find it strange that the package does not come with a separate charger. You need to plug the camera to a USB port for charging… Like a phone!

Once the camera is fully charged, the orange light will turn off.

The NX300 has a touch screen, when my friends and wife learned about it, they almost never used the camera’s buttons.

They started tapping to view the next photo and even change the camera’s settings.

Pinch to zoom also works!

The screen also tilts, but unlike the NX300M, it doesn’t tilt 180 for your sefies.

Wi-Fi and NFC are the two features that spoiled me the most. I have an Eye-Fi and I also plan to get a Toshiba FlashAir in the future (for my Lumix FT-3). But the NX300’s NFC and Wi-Fi really surprised my colleagues in our last company Dinner and Dance!

Switch the camera to Wi-Fi mode, tap your phone and take the photo you need for sharing… No need to settle for those “noisy” low light camera phone photos!

You can also use your phone as a view finder and as a wireless remote, there’s also a feature to automaticaly upload photos to your Facebook and Drop Box accounts.

All you need is the Samsung SMART CAMERA App (iTunes | Google Play)

The flash could be better…

The NX300 comes with an tiny external flash.

Pull it up to turn it on… The problem is that it doesn’t tilt, just incase you want to bounce your flash somewhere.

Samsung NX300

Samsung NX300 Camera

You can always get a better and stronger flash later but it would have been nice if the free flash can tilt 90 degrees.

The battery lasted me for around 300 shots with flash strangely, the right side of the camera started to get warm (it was a 2.5 hour party).

The NX300 is a great and good looking camera. It has all the features your going to need (especially if you’re using an Android phone with NFC).

Low light focusing can be faster, flash can be stronger and maybe a better battery life… But I guess those features can be expected for the next model.

It would also be a big plus if Samsung Singapore sold more accessories for their NX Cameras. Some accessories from my NX300’s manual were not even available from Samsung concept stores!


Bag – This is almost useless. Although I’ve never received a useful camera bag.
Memory Card – Samsung provided a MicroSD card with adapter… Based on personal experience, the adapter was never reliable and I find it too risky to use on my camera. A regular SD card would have been nice.
Battery – This should be a big plus IF only the NX300 came with an external charger.

Update: My NX300 had the “blinking green light/screen” issue.

This was corrected when I updated the firmware.


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2 responses to “The Samsung NX300”

  1. Mark says :

    Mine less than 12 months old is heading back to Korea for the 2nd time 1st time was a complete loss of ability to take pics, 2nd time WiFi stopped working! plus other unusual things.

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