The Replacements… iPhone 6

It’s that time again to queue up and sign for another 2 years contract.

My wife will have to let go of her iPhone 5 for the iPhone 6.

I’m sure some are saying… as expected! While some are asking, why didn’t I recommend a new phone?

Choosing another iPhone is actually very beneficial for me since I will just need to sync her new phone to my iMac and after 15 minutes, the phone is ready.

Case was bought earlier so all she needed to do was just set-up her TouchID.

She was earlier not interested in getting a new iPhone. It felt like a routine to her and she honestly did not find anything special with the iPhone 6.

But for two straight nights she realized that she no longer needed to use her Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for her usual social media apps. She was happy using the iPhone 6 thanks to its bigger screen.

Personally, the iPhone 4 was my favorite iPhone ever. It felt good and had weight. The iPhone 5 was just honestly… longer. The iPhone 6 feels like a modern device with small screen. For iOS users, it doesn’t have a 5+ inch screen in Full HD (1080) but its way better than the iPhone 5!


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