Asus Zenfone 5 (A500CG)

Just bought a Zenfone 5 (Dual SIM) for my sister.

Was hoping to get the Zenfone 2 (either ZE500CL or ZE550ML) but the release date was just too late…

Other options I had were the following:

HTC Desire 620g
Asus Padfone Mini
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime
Asus Zenfone 6

Here’s a chart which I made that helped me with my decision making…


Now for the “why not”

HTC Desire 620g – great phone… But the Zenfone 5 uses Gorilla Glass… And I’m not sure if I’m ready for a phone that runs on a MediaTek processor.

Asus Padfone Mini – most expensive phone among my choices, but it can also be a tablet… Here’s the sad part, you’ll be paying for a cheap phone and a cheap tablet!

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime – I don’t understand why it can’t record FHD Videos. Feels cheap (like the pre-Galaxy A/S6 devices).

Asus Zenfone 6 – gave it some thought… But then it’s too big!

Asus’ Zenfone series (maybe except for the Zenfone 4) is an excellent choice for budget Android devices.

Their responsive, adequately sized and performance was never an issue… Just ask any primary student who abuses this device for gaming…

I would have bought the LTE version if it will be used here in Singapore, but since the phone will be used in Manila, double SIM will be a better feature.

Ps. Some of you might ask, why didn’t I consider Xiaomi’s RedMi 1s/Note…

First, I hate the fact that Xiaomi tries to look and feel like an Apple Device… To the extent that they even removed the App Drawer.

Second, Asus has confirmed Android 5 (Lolipop) for the Zenfone… Based on my experience with Samsung, I’m sure the Galaxy Core Prime will also get it someday… Not expecting updates from HTC and Asus (for the Padfone Mini) and I’m sure Xiaomi has very little plans to give the Note/1s an update.


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