Multi Plug Extension with 4 USB Ports


Bought this item from Groupon Singapore  which looks like a solution to my charger issues when travelling…


20150521_184811 P

20150521_185057 P



20150521_184750 P

It as 2 USB slots with 1A and 2 USB slots with 2.1A

As you all know, bigger devices (like tablets) will need 2.1A to charge.

The power plug (x 2) will be used by my cameras…

Based on my initial testing.

The 2.1A slot had an output of 920 to 930mA, 1A slot started at 940mA but later changed to as low as 790mA.

20150521_185457 P

20150521_185622 P

Tried connecting 3 devices (Nexus 7, portable router and a BlackBerry), the 2.1A slot only managed an output of 600 to 660mA… Still enough to charge tablets, but will take longer than usual.


Just an FYI, it also works with 110V… It will charge a bit slower but it still works.


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