BlackBerry Venice???

Here’s my thoughts on the rumored Android powered BlackBerry Venice…

The idea sounds good… BlackBerry keyboard on a modern phone OS.

Dear BlackBerry (formerly known as RIM), we wanted to see this device in 2013, instead we got the Z10 running BlackBerry 10!

Yes, you can run Android Apps on BB10 but I’m sure installing apps from the Google Play Store and running them on Android OS will always be better.

Here’s where it goes south for me…

Some sites are saying the Venice will have a QHD Screen, Snapdragon 808 Processor and 3GB RAM.

High end specs (LG G4 and the Moto X Play uses the same processor) for 2015 which will mean high end price.

Some may argue that the Moto X Play will have mid-range price, Motorola did say it will be $200.00 cheaper than other flagship devices, but the Moto X only has a FHD Screen.

So the price will be steep for a first gen device that hopefully runs proper Android (not a forked version).

Are you willing to take the risk? Or do you just buy from longtime Android OEM’s (Samsung, LG, Sony and HTC)?

If BlackBerry started with a device with a 4.5-5 inch (HD) screen, Snapdragon 410 Processor with replaceable battery and microSD card, priced below $300.00 then I believe people will be talking non-stop about it.

But if they release an Android phone playing around $500.00 then it will be a tough sell at the current market.

Just a suggestion… (I’m hoping someone from BlackBerry reads this)

Make the BlackBerry Classic’s screen taller (4 inches), update the processor to a Snapdragon 410 and run Android 6… Sell it with Xiaomi/OnePlus margins, I’m sure 2016 will look better.

BlackBerry HONESTLY needs to put its devices on the hands of High School kids… They should try to have a cool image…


Most companies already issued Samsung Galaxy S6/Note 4 and iPhone 6 to their employees… Why would these employees buy a BlackBerry as a personal device?


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