Qoo10 Finds! (Micro USB to Lightning Adapter, Lightning Cable, iPhone Cable Protector & Qi Wireless Charging Pad)

Purchased all 4 items on a Saturday. Free shipping was chosen (if available).

First item to arrive (Tuesday) was the Micro USB to Lightning Adapter Adapter (which claims to be the cheapest one on Qoo10).

Micro USB to Lightning Adapter

Yes, I bought one from Daiso earlier, but that’s more of like a souvenir from Japan.

Compared to my earlier purchase, this one is smaller and feels sturdier.

Works perfectly with iOS 9, although I’ll never use it to sync data nor back-up my device.

Packaging was simple, it was in a modified envelope without any bubble wrap.

Qi Wireless Charging Pad (arrived Wednesday)

According to the Box, this should have an Output of 5V-700mA.

Qi Wireless Charger

Qi Charger

According to my Nexus 7… (using Ampere)


From less than 15% battery, it will take more than 6 hours to fully charge my Nexus 7 (3 hours longer compared to charging using my cable).

This charging pad is really small!


Package came with a Manual and a USB Cable.

Wireless Charger

It has a small LED light on the side, red light once you plug it, blue when its charging something.


iPhone Cable Protector (arrived Wednesday)

Apple Cable Protector

This is an impulse buy.

At S$ 0.50/piece, I bought 2.

My daughter’s iPhone cable is showing signs of aging.

If this thing can save it, then its a great buy at 50 cents!

Lightning Cable Protector

Flat Lightning Cable (arrived Thursday)

This is not the first time for me to buy a lightning cable from Qoo10.

Even bought one from Daiso and Giant.

Flat Lightning Cable

Again, I’m not planning to use this cable to sync data.

Just using it for my chargers and power banks.

Honestly, the cables looks and feels good…


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