X-mini Max Capsule Speakers

Just received X-mini’s Max Capsule Speakers.

X-mini Max

Around mid-2000’s when I owned the 1st Gen X-mini speakers (which was briefly mentioned here)…

Around a year later, I bought the (first gen) X-mini Max for my wife…

At that time, it had messy cables and was only available in black.

Fast forward to 2015.

The pair I received is purple! Same feel as the first gen, different color.

x mini max

Everything else is still the same, you need to charge it before use. Still has the messy cable although it comes with a few improvements.

It now has a short cable hidden at the bottom if you intend to use a 3.5mm jack.

X Mini Max Manual

And the “messy cable” now has a tiny volume control.


X-mini speakers will always sound better than your phone/laptop’s speakers, especially if your indoors.

But the wires either has to go or maybe replaced with a non-tangle version. Or even better, the BT version should be made more affordable.

It’s hard to recommend it in 2015, but if you’re looking for a gift… It’s way better than giving an inexpensive power bank (not unless the power bank is from Xiaomi).


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