Qoo10 Finds! (Galaxy S6 Edge Waterproof Case & Action Camera Accessories)

Thanks to our planned holidays towards the end of 2015, I had to buy some accessories to upgrade my gear…

First is a waterproof case for my Galaxy S6 Edge!


Some of you might say… Why would I want to bring my phone?

Well, quick answer. Camera!

Something my DMC FT-3 and OM-D E-M10 can’t do, shoot 4K!

Plus taking a selfie using a mobile phone’s front facing camera is much easier!

Since this case is very inexpensive compared to those by lifeproof, I’m not expecting too much from it, although the main goal is to keep my phone dry without the use of a zip lock!


According to the paper insert, this thing it IP-68! Which means its “totally dust tight” and “protected against prolonged effects of immersion under pressure.”

My S6 Edge fits inside with room to spare.

The case also has this rubber seal to protect your phone inside.


Do note that the case will make your power and volume buttons unusable!

Only button left for you is the home button!

The front has this soft rubbery feel.

Again, if avoidable, I would still try to keep my phone as dry as possible, having this case will at least give me peace of mind when I’m at the beach!

I’ve scanned the paper insert of the packaging…



Next purchase was for my POSH W9 Action Camera.

Floating Hand Grip, Head Strap Mount and Wrist Strap Mount





Yes, they all fit perfectly and I’m hopping there wouldn’t be any issues when I use them on a GoPro.

Strange part is that according to the seller, the Head Strap Mount doesn’t come with a thumbscrew! Both the Floating Hand Grip and Wrist Strap Mount came with it!



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