The Replacements… iPhone 6S

It’s that time of the year again…

Time to replace my daughter’s iPhone…

From the 5C, she is now getting the 6S.

Why the 6S? She gets to keep her apps and settings by just plugging it to iTunes.

Just like any teenage girl, I’m sure she’ll love the upgraded camera.

Force Touch? Maybe not, but I sure hope she reduces the use of her home button.

The iPhone has always been a safe choice for phones. You know what your getting… A slight improvement over the last generation.

For her case, I’ve ordered one from Spigen Singapore in advance.

The Ultra Hybrid case to be specific.

Here’s how it looks like with the phone.


We were always happy with the quality of Spigen cases, so buying another one from them was never a question.

Here’s one last look at her 5C.




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