MSI Wind U160DX to Windows 10

First, I must admit that I was surprised when I learned that my MSI Wind was getting Windows 10!

It was running Windows 7 Starter for the longest time, and although the experience isn’t pleasant, it worked for the basic tasks I needed it to do.

Upon hitting the upgrade button, I experienced error C1900101-40017. Upgrade stopped and my PC went back to Windows 7…

After a couple of system updates (months later), I decided to give it another try but another error appeared, C1900101-30018!

After searching for solutions online, from reformatting the entire PC to changing Advanced Startup Settings, I decided to do the simplest thing…

Turn-off the PC’s Wi-Fi!

(there’s a switch on the left hand side of the Netbook)

Obviously, you need to ensure that Windows has finished downloading ALL installation files before turning off your Wi-Fi.

Once Wi-Fi was off, installation went smoothly!

My MSI Wind now runs on Windows 10!

MSI Wind U160DX running Windows 10

Overall performance of an Atom N550 with 1GB of RAM? Well, that will be for a later post…

MSI Wind U160DX Specs

Time to play with this Netbook again to see if it was worth the upgrade…



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