StarHub Go + Chromecast

This post is not only for StarHub Go

If you have an official app from your cable provider that allows you to watch TV shows on the go, this post may be for you…

Ever wondered if you can stream to your TV without an additional set-top box?

Why would you wan’t to do that?

Getting another set-top box will mean additional payment ($6.42 as per StarHub’s website)

Plus, if you intend to use the set-top box on your bedroom, you may need StarHub’s help to install a connection.


Android + Chromecast?

You’ll need a Nexus device!

On my Nexus 7, just activate the Cast Toggle

Nexus Chromecast Toggle.jpg

Nexus Chromecast Notiofication

And you’ll see your Nexus mirrored to your TV.

Nexus Chromecast Mirroring

Then just start your StarHub Go App to start watching your favorite TV shows.

Chromecast Mirroring StarHub Go

If your device supports MHL, you can always use a cable…

If you have an iPhone or an iPad.

You just need to install the StarHub Go App and use an Apple’s Lightning to Digital AV (Lightning to HDMI) adapter to connect your device to a TV.



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