What BlackBerry Needs is the Bold Powered by Android!

Remember my post about the Venice?

Well, that phone turned out to be the BlackBerry Priv

Released in 2015, it was BlackBerry’s first phone running Android…

Fast forward to April 2016… How many Privs have you seen? 0!!!

I am actually the type of person who tries to see which gadget my fellow commuter is using… I’ve even seen an actual user of a Galaxy Beam!!!

So despite BlackBerry’s push… I’ve not seen a single person use the Priv… My guess is that we can all blame the S$1,098.00 price of the phone (M1 price out of contract).

Why am I pushing for a low cost BlackBerry device powered by Android? Because its what the market wants…

BlackBerry has 2 options here…

(1) Ask a Chinese manufacturer (or those companies making Android One devices) to create a generic touch screen phone running Android 6 (Marshmallow) and slap the BlackBerry name on it.

If Xiaomi can profit by selling the RedMi at S$169.00, BlackBerry should also be able to do the same…


(2) A BlackBerry Bold with updated internals running Android 6…

I personally still keep my old BlackBerry Bold 9790 as a spare phone… And I can list a ton of things it cannot do, but I would focus on the things I wished it can do.

It desperately needs…
1. An updated browser/Map
2. IMs (WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger etc)
3. WiFi Hotspot
*Basically, updated apps!

As I mentioned earlier… Snapdragon 410 + Android 6 at S$200.00… I’d be queuing up for that device…

BlackBerry Bold 9790



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