Google needs iMessage for Android!

iMessage! Yes, that default iOS Messaging app that changes color if you send a message via SMS… or via iMessage (using data)

Google just announced Allo, another messaging app!

They previously had Talk and presently have Hangouts and Messenger!

Hangouts is ok, I use it, although I find it too complicated for my parents…

My wife loves using it on her PC, hates it on her phone especially on her iPhone… She only keeps it for conference calls with her friends.

Messenger, no one in my family has it, my friends with dual-SIM phones use it.

Now here comes Allo, a new App for messaging that works like Hangouts, Messenger and your Android device’s messaging app thanks to your OEM…

Only difference… AI!

I really can’t find a reason why Allo will replace WhatsApp on my homescreen!

What we need is something as simple as iMessage!

This article from The Verge has mentioned that “the diversity of Android hardware precludes Google from creating an iMessage-like system that co-opts SMS”.

Here’s my suggestion for Google!

Make an iMessage competitor that will (first) work with Nexus and Android One devices…

For the sake of this post, I’ll call the imaginary App “Android Message” (AM)

So Google creates AM which is similar to iMessage.

If the receiving Android device is not AM capable, message will be sent/received as a regular SMS.

For iOS users, they receive the message when data is available.

Later, Google can ask Samsung, Sony, Huawei and Lenovo to create devices that are AM capable… This will allow them to get rid of their pre-installed messaging app.

Google can’t expect all devices to work well with their iMessage competitor…

But maybe, they can start with niche devices (like the Nexus and Android One line) and later ask OEMs to make their flagship devices compatible.

Win for Google and win for consumers!



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