The Replacements… Samsung Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5.jpg

As mentioned earlier… I’ve replaced my BlackBerry Bold with a S5.

This is not a review of the S5… The unit I’m using is a hand-me-down… So no I’m not counting backwards… I did not buy an S5 to replace my S6 Edge

To some of you, BlackBerry OS to Android is a no brainer… The phone is just for my roaming SIM which is 90% of the time, not connected to LTE.

But just incase, here are some benefits I immediately saw with the change in OS…

*Personal hotspot… For that 10% of the year.
*Off-line Google Maps, I can now use my “spare phone” as a GPS when travelling.
*It can control my Action Camera.
*It works with Geotag photos – one of my favorite travelling apps.
*Camera is much better (than the Bold) with 4K video capture.
*Heart rate monitor… I don’t want to sound like a Samsuing fanboy here, but a year with the S6 made me appreciate this feature.

And lastly, current/updated apps like Viber and WhatsApp… Their versions for the BlackBerry isn’t as good.

My S5 is running Lollipop (Android 5) and it may never see Marshmallow (Android 6), but (thanks to Android’s “fragmentation” I’m sure Apps will run on my device for a minimum of 3 more years…

By then I should find another hand-me-down phone to replace it…

The S5 is not as good as my S6… Doesn’t even come close to my Nexus 6P… It reminds me of my Nexus 7… Old, but gets the job done.

I’ve created a new Flickr Album for all the photos taken by my S5



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