Bose SoundTrue Ultra (for Samsung)

On a Nexus 6P!

Bose SoundTrue Ultra

Received a Bose SoundTrue Ultra (for Samsung) from my wife as a gift… I was then using a Galaxy S6 Edge which worked perfectly!

Now that I have a Nexus 6P… Things are a bit different…

This is not an earphone review, I am not an audiophile!

I’m not commenting about the sound quality… So maybe this post is about an average person who comments on the things about Bose’s earphones…

My wife is a big Bose fan… She was using Bose’s earphones way back when they didn’t have volume controls!

I followed her later when the stock earphones of my iPhone 4 gave up… Big plus since Bose’s MFi earphones also worked with my iPod Shuffle.

Back to the SoundTrue Ultra…

Bose made a smaller case this time…

Bose SoundTrue Ultra Case

It still uses a zipper… Honestly, I would prefer a plastic case, but maybe Bose has a reason to keep using these “special” cases…

Bose SoundTrue Ultra Earbuds

.The earbuds are also a bit different… They go inside your ear…

Although better for sound, I honestly prefer their older buds… Same reason why I’m not using a pair from Beats or JAYS.

Bose SoundTrue Ultra for Samsung

Bose decided to split the wires using a “T” shape… I think Bose’s iPhone earphones and other manufacturers used a “Y” shape.

Honestly, “T” shape feels it wont last as long as the “Y” shape… It also feels strange when you roll up the earphones to keep in its case. But I guess Bose knows what’s its doing…

Bose SoundTrue Ultra Remote

As for the controls… Here’s where the move from S6 to Nexus 6P can be felt.

You can answer calls, mic also works.
You can adjust the volume.
But 2 presses for next song and 3 presses for previous song doesn’t work… I would like to believe that the next/previous song is a built-in feature of Samsung’s music player… But I only use Google Play Music.

I know some of you guys will find an alterate music player from Google Play where you can use the next/previous song feature… But I’m happy with Google Play Music (and occasionally, Spotify).

I can live without the next/previous song which makes me very happy with my Bose SoundTrue Ultra earphones.



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