Marshmallow on my Galaxy S5…

Thank you Samsung!


I’m sure this will be the last update my S5 is getting…


Android 6 – Marshmallow!

Better late that never…

So whats new?

Noticeably, Stock App’s Icons now looks similar to the S6/S7.


Best improvement??? – Stock Camera speed in low light…

Yes, the hardware is still the same, but the software behind it is now is faster…

Those who used the S5 and the Note 4 knows that the camera of both devices can be slow, especially in low light!

Same reason why I use Google Camera on my S5

Now the camera is faster… Not S6/S7 fast, but better than Lollipop S5/Note 4 fast!

As I said, better late than never…

*if you want your camera to go faster… Go to Settings and turn off the “Low-Light Detection”



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