Review: Allwin 0.2m Braided USB 3.1 to USB Type-C USB Data Sync Charging Cable For Phone

Bought a short USB 3.1 to Type-C cable as a back up to the standard USB Type-C to Standard-A cable that came with my Nexus 6P.

Personally, I find shorter cables more convenient when charging devices with a powerbank…

Why I wanted a “USB 3.1” to USB Type-C Connector (yes, the one with a blue insert)… Fast charging…


Found this cable at Lazada… As usual, delivery was fast.

Product description states the the cable is .2 meters… But it’s actually an inch longer…

Cable feels strong… Especially since it has a nylon braid… Blue insert is blue which should mean that its USB 3…


Sadly, after connecting it to my Nexus 6P, it DOES NOT charge it “rapidly”


As you can see, max power my device is getting is 4.399 volts, but only 480mA max! (I’ve seen it go 600mA but that was for a very limited time only.

Other than my issue with charging… For it’s price, I can recommend it to others… But if you can find an alternate cable that supports quick charge… I suggest you go that way.

New Android devices that use USB Type-C support quick/fast/rapid charging and it will always be convenient if your cable supports it too.



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