Mini (Cooper) Headphones

Just received a pair of Mini (Cooper) Headphones…

There are very little information regarding these headphones so I really hope this post will help.

Specifications are printed at the back of its box.

Frequency Response – 20-20,000 Hz
Impedance – 32 Ohms
Sound Pressure Level (SPL) – 104dB
Speaker Driver – 50mm
Cable Length – 1.25m
Mic with Push to Talk Function
3.5mm Jack

I always thought additional information is available online

But strangely, these headphones can be found under Accessories – Fashion – Mini, and you’ll only see photos…

Please note that I’m not an audiophile, my primary MP3 player is a 3rd generation iPod shuffle with stock earbuds since I listen mostly to Podcasts.

My older pair of headphones were Motorola’s HT-820 which I have handed down to my sister.

Back to the Mini headphones… First thing you’ll notice is that they’re big…

I love that it only has 1 cable but (sadly),  it’s not flat and not detachable.

Jack is also not the L-Type…

Cable has a mic and a button to play/pause songs and answer calls.

When used with my iPhone 4, double and triple press for next and previous song also works.

Using them for almost 2 days now and I find them confortable for my daily commute.

They do not come with a case and due to its size, you’ll have to reserve a significant amount of space for it in your bag.

I was not blown away by its sound quality but it definitely sounded better when compared to my daily earbuds.

It is priced SGD 199.00 at Tangs (Orchard). But due to an on-going promotion (if you Like Tangs’ Facebook page) you can get them for SGD 80.00 only (until September 26, 2012)…

My final verdict… For SGD 80.00 its definitely worth it, they have a demo unit available so just try it before purchasing. At SGD 199.00… there are better headphones available!


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2 responses to “Mini (Cooper) Headphones”

  1. mbg1506 says :

    Hello, I think it is a bit late to comment here, but this is the only review I’ve found on this headphones. All I want to know is for how long they lasted, maybe a year or two? I found them on Amazon for 30 euros (about 50 SGP), are they worth it? Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience

    • ice15 says :

      I honestly didn’t use them for a long time since they also didn’t last too long… Plastic parts tend to get brittle quickly. Sound quality + build quality, not worth it… Add a little and get a paid from Audio Technica.

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