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Free Internet: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Alexandra Retail Centre

Located at: #02-41, Alexandra Retail Centre

Date: 18 May 2017
Time: 1800-1900H
Device: Nexus 6P


As bad as their branch in Paragon



Free Internet: McDonald’s, PSA

Located at: #01-25 PSA Building

I honestly thought this was part of ARC

You can see McDonald’s from ARC’s directory… But the address above came from McDonald’s website.

So you connect to their WiFi.


Then on your browser, Ronald (McDonald) will need additional information which includes your name, email address, birth year and month, sex and your mobile phone number (you will receive a one time password through SMS)




Speed was good, very usable…


Free Internet: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Paragon Shopping Centre

Date: 17 September 2016
Time: 1130-1200H
Device: Nexus 6P


Located at: #01-37 Paragon Shopping Centre, 290 Orchard Road, Paragon Shopping Centre, 238859

Once connected to their WiFi, you will be asked to click a link to go to their Facebook page… Then start surfing.


It was so slow, I made me rethink if I was in Singapore…

Ok… It isn’t that bad, it’s free and it works… Doesn’t even require you to buy anything from their shop.

If you’re a tourist and you’re looking for free WiFi to send a message someone… You can have coffee here (or stay near where you can get their signal) then send your message…

Free Internet: Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe, Tiong Bahru Plaza

Date: 04 August 2016
Time: 1820-1920H
Device: Nexus 6P

Located at 02-109/136 Tiong Bahru Plaza

Connected to their free WiFi… (password is written at the table)

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe WiFi

Speed was very good

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe WiFi speed

Actually better than the food!

Free Internet: NAIA Terminal 3

Date: 20 April 2016
Time: 1340-1540H
Device: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Connected to GlobeFreeWiFi when I was at NAIA Terminal 03.

NAIA Terminal 3 Free Globe WiFi

Upon connection, your device will proceed to a “terms and conditions” page and upon hitting accept, you’ll be connected to free internet…

Location 01: Departure Area

Download: 49.34 (best)
Upload: 78.75 (best)

NAIA Terminal 3

NAIA Terminal 03 WiFi Speed

Location 02: Yellow Cab Pizza, Level 04

Download: 5.23
Upload: 7.62

Sadly, when I reached my boarding gate, GlobeFreeWiFi was no longer available…

Free Internet: 313@Somerset

Date: 25 March 2016 (Friday – holiday)
Time: 1600-1700H
Location: Food Republic
Device: Nexus 7

Since it was a long weekend… The place was full of people…

Both Starbucks and Costa Coffee were full so only place for me to take a seat (for Coffee and Internet Testing) was a Food Republic.

Screenshot (Mar 25, 2016 45231 PM)

313@Somerset provides their own free WiFi which you’ll need to sign-up for 30 minutes of use.


Once you have an account, you can always log-in on your next visit.


Connection will be lost after 30 minutes but you can always sign-on again.

As for the speed…


I was getting 1MBps upload/download speed… Enough for simple browsing and messaging…