The Replacements… Galaxy S6 Edge

As I posted earlier, I’m getting a new phone, only question was which one.

Well, it turned our to be Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 Edge!



Why the Edge? Well, it looked and felt better, that’s basically it.

20150412_182117 L

Installing Google Launcher made the “Edge” useless for couple of days.

I later received an update which allowed me to use People Edge

Remember all those news on Samsung’s bloat?

My home screen looked like this when it was given to me by M1.




I did a factory reset and lost all those carrier installed apps…

Surprisingly, the phone also did not have sample photos and videos… Although I’m not sure if this was also a result of my factory reset.

Right now, my phone has 78 installed apps…

S6 Apps

And around 20GB of free storage… (my phone is 32GB variant, presently has NO photos and videos)

The phone has a very delicate feel to it, on my first few days of using it, parts of my hand kept on accidentally hitting the screen.

There’s been a lot of reviews regarding the S6…

Here’s an album of random shots I’ve taken using its camera… All photos were taken in Auto Mode.

So far… I could say that S6 has the best camera compared to all smartphones I’ve owned. Reminds me of my Nokia 6280!

It was a time when I did not regret leaving my camera at home!

I also find it great that Samsung’s Camera Modes can be downloaded through Galaxy Apps!

Favorite feature for me is the notifications on the Edge while the screen is off.

Android’s LED light is a big help for me, but it’s annoying to wake up your phone just for spam email (or texts).

Edge notifications allows me to see the sender of the email/WhatsApp etc before I wake up the device. Definitely a big plus especially for emails!

Since I pre-registered at M1, I received a free case and wireless charger.


Free case is for aesthetic purpose only… It will not protect the Edge!

For the drawbacks…

After a month use, there will be times when the phone is just unbelievably hot… Even if its just staying in your pocket.

There will also be times when it gets sluggish… When this happens to you phone, I suggest you either restart the device or clear the RAM using the Smart Manager…


The device has 3GB of RAM and I really can’t understand why it always uses around 75-85% of it… Believe me, I even reached 92% and the phone felt like my old Note 2!

Can I recommend the S6/Edge? Not at it’s present state… Maybe an OS update will help, sadly seems like even the guys at Samsung Singapore has no idea what’s happening…


The S6/Edge is a good looking phone with a good camera… Why do you get the “Edge” Variant, so you don’t feel bad by not choosing it.

S6 vs the newly announced LG G4… S6 thanks to its wireless charging and quick charge (full battery in less than 2 hours)

S6 vs Sony’s Z4… Looks like not even Sony is confident with their new device.

S6 vs HTC’s One (M9)… Based on sample photos I’ve seen online… S6 camera is way better.


I’ve just received Android 5.1.1 (August 18, 2015)

Camera was updated and VoLTE was also activated.

RAM is now much better… Playing around 82% on a regular day.


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