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My Nexus 6P had battery issues last week…

For 2 nights (out of 7), my phone was out of battery…

Decided to bring it to Huawei Service Center yesterday for battery replacement.

Battery replacement’s total cost is around S$43.00 (battery is only S$10.00, S$43 includes service fee since the device is out of warranty and GST)

They will need 1-4 days for the service… And with my negotiation skills, I will get my phone back after a day.

I honestly find this disappointing… If Apple or Samsung asks me to wait for a week for repairs, I find it understandable as they sell millions of devices!

For Huawei, how many guys (outisde China) do you know uses a Huawei phone? I personally only know 1 person… While riding public transport, I can see more people using Oppo than Huawei! So why are their technicians busy? How Many phones do they sell and how many of those phones are sent to them for repairs?

Another issue I have is that the phone will need to be erased before they receive it for repair… Obviously, there’s an app draining my battery and by erasing all the data, the phone will be back to normal. How do I check if the new battery solved my issue?

I am planing/hoping to use this phone until end of 2019… It will be old but its also the reason why I’m spending on battery replacement.

I hope it works. if it doesn’t, I still have my Zenfone 3.


EVA Protective Case for DJI Osmo Mobile

This item has been on my wishlist for months!

It was originally priced at S$40 so when the price dropped (after the Osmo Mobile 2 was announced) I knew I had to buy it.

I love my DJI Mobile, but I hate the case that came with it.


So when priced correctly, I did not think twice and bought this from Lazada

Item arrived as scheduled.

Only issue I have against it is the size!


I somehow feel like the space inside can be utilized better…


I guess that will be a project for me in the coming months!

In The Wild: Camcorder

There was a time when you needed a separate device to capture life’s moments in video…

That device was called a camcorder.

So yes, you can still buy a camcorder, but have you actually seen anyone use it in 2017?


Yup… That guy finished the 2017 Singapore Marathon (from the color of his bib, he ran the full marathon) and someone was there to capture the moment in a camcorder!

Hey Google!

My Zenfone 3 received an update this morning…

I wasn’t expecting too much… Until I saw that I can now use Hey Google (instead of OK Google) to call Assistant!

Hey Google

LG V30+… Coming to Singapore this December!


Teased in August 2017…

LG needed 4 months to release their flagship to Singapore…


Nothing against the phone… I like what I saw in reviews.

But the Note 8, Pixel 2 XL and iPhone X are officially in the market…

I can’t even say that the local release is “a little” too late… It’s late!

We should be looking forward to the S9 now.

In The Wild: LG G5… with a friend!

This guy sat infront of me in the MRT during my morning commute…


It took me 2 days to realize he was using an LG G5 with the Camera module…

I’m still contemplating if this is a wow moment… Or do I feel sorry for the guy…

Daiso USB Type-C Cable

Daiso finally sells USB Type-C Cables!

Found these at Daiso Vivo City

Daiso USB Type C

They’re actually USB Type-A to Type-C cables… But I guess the market is not yet ready for truly USB-C cables…