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In The Wild: LG G5… with a friend!

This guy sat infront of me in the MRT during my morning commute…


It took me 2 days to realize he was using an LG G5 with the Camera module…

I’m still contemplating if this is a wow moment… Or do I feel sorry for the guy…


Daiso USB Type-C Cable

Daiso finally sells USB Type-C Cables!

Found these at Daiso Vivo City

Daiso USB Type C

They’re actually USB Type-A to Type-C cables… But I guess the market is not yet ready for truly USB-C cables…

Google Internet Speed Test

Looks like we can now uninstall our app

Just type “speed test” on your Google Search Bar, scroll the results a little bit and tap “Run Speed Test.”

Google Internet Speed Test

Internet Speed Test

Google Search Speed Test

Test was completed on my Zenfone 3

Update: I was at Johor Bahru over the weekend and Speed Test was not available…

In The Wild… Pokemon Go Plus!

During lunch time at MBC

Pokemon Go Plus Singapore.jpg

Yup… That’s an adult in mid-May 2017 wearing a Pokemon Go Plus!

Gotta Catch ‘Em All!!!

Nougat on Asus Zenfone 3 (ZE520K)

Received my update March 09, 2017…

Asus Zenfone 3 Nougat

Better late than never… And as I mentioned earlier, I believe this will be the last major Android update my phone receives (although I would love to see 7.1).

Noticeable changes?

By default, holding the Recent Apps Key will take a Screenshot, you will need to deactivate this feature in Settings to enable the Split Screen Mode.


Notification panel looks new… And yes you can reply to your messages there…


Other than that… It’s basically the same phone…

Crossing my fingers to get Google Assistant soon!

In The Wild… Windows Phone!

Saw this guy in the bus this morning…


Yup, that’s a Windows Phone!


Cotton On VR



Virtual Reality…

Everyone is trying to get on-board now…

And surprisingly, I was able to buy an inexpensive Virtual Reality headset from…Cotton On!

Since they we’re having a “Black Friday sale,” I was able to purchase one for only SGD 15.00 at Cotton On Vivo City

I initially wanted to buy one from Typo, sadly it was sold out!


Basically, this thing is made of cheap plastic… Similar to those inexpensive ones you’ll find online.

It also uses a tray that holds your phone.


For it’s price, do not expect external controls like you’ll find from a Gear VR or a Daydream.

But it isn’t that bad. It has 2 straps (one is over your head), it is also well padded, and you can actually make small adjustments to its lenses.


Thanks to the lack of external controls, you will need to load your video and quickly insert your phone on the VR to use it.

Another issue I’ve found (with my 6P) is that the phone tray’s holder is hitting my phone’s power and volume buttons… I can insert the phone upside down, but the other side of the tray does not have holes for headphones and power cables.

The holder was big enough for my Zenfone 3 with case and the case was thick enough to protect the phone tray to press any buttons.

I honestly would have preferred Typo’s VR… It looks better. But functionality wise, it would have been the same…

Having Cotton On sell an inexpensive VR is good for everyone who wan’t to give it a try… Daydream looks great, but you’ll presently need a Pixel to use it and good luck in finding one now outside the US.